This blog will contain information about Raymond Greenlaw’s 2014 RAAM … Race Across America.

Yesterday I did my last ride in Thailand before RAAM.  It was the Wang Nuea loop which goes from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and back through Lampang.  I did hit a new high speed of 52mph … I almost crashed near the bottom of this descent when the bike started shimmying on the grooved road.  I keep going wider and wider, until I was in sand, leaning over, at about 42mph.  Whew!  Very luck that I survived that one … The loop is 190 miles, but I decided to cut it short due to a thunderstorm.  I averaged 15.8mph for 140 miles, and this average includes stoppage time, traffic lights, and so on.  That is, this time is a running GPS time.  The steepest climbs on the route where in the 12% range.  And, I did 6,700 feet of climb.  It was 103F with 95% humidity.