I went out for 100 miles today.  I was so tired from my arrival last night in Thailand.  I went to bed last night about 6pm and then woke up at 10pm.  I unpacked and assembled my bikes, and I organized my luggage.  RAAM involves a lot of logistics.  I went back to sleep around 5am and then woke up at 10am.  I left from Borrego-Springs about 10:30am and rode a 20-mile loop in the desert before heading in the direction of Oceanside.  Leaving Borrego-Springs there is a 4,000-foot climb.  The maximum grade was 10% on the climb.  I rode to Lake Henshaw which is RAAM timing station number 1.  I went just beyond there, and then rode back.  The descent back to Borrego-Springs is fast, technical, and super windy.  I hit 48mph, and I was using my brakes strongly.  The descent is nerve wracking at best …

I then rode back down past Borrego-Springs in the direction of timing station 2.  There was such a huge tailwind that I was going about 28mph without peddling and that was on an almost flat road … needless to say, when I rode back, I was going into a huge headwind.  I ended up riding about 100 miles and did 6,500 feet of climbing.  Average speed was somewhere around 15mph.  

The desert was very pretty.  I drank a huge amount of liquid, which I bought at the liquor store in Borrego-Springs and then at a store in Ranchita.  I was quite salty when I return at 7pm.  There were few to no cars around.  It would not be good to have the bicycle breakdown in the desert when unsupported.  I am hitting the wall now, at 8:30pm, and I need to go to sleep soon.

Tomorrow I will either ride toward Oceanside or head out in the direction of timing station number 2 …  Oh, yeah, it is 99F or about 38C right now.  Not sure what the high was today, but probably around 112F.