Raymond Greenlaw, aka Wall, hails from Riverside, RI along with his childhood friend and Crew Chief, Peter Solomon. Ray presently splits his time between Annapolis, Maryland, where he is a Professor Cyber Operations at the United States Naval Academy, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ray is competing in his 2nd RAAM in the Solo 50–59 Age Category. In 2013, Ray completed the course in 12 days and 1 hour, just 60 minutes over the 288-hour cut-off. According to Ray’s crew, his inspirational effort was nothing short of heroic, but much like giving birth (so they say), as soon as his saddle sores healed, Ray decided to come back in 2014 and pursue his goal of becoming an “Official” Finisher in what is considered the toughest endurance race in the world, The Race Across America. Since RAAM 2013, Ray has trained with even more determination and resolve. He has logged over 20,000 miles, mostly in the steep terrain and blazing temperatures of northern Thailand. If Ray is able to complete this 3,000-mile cross-country bike race in under 12 hours, he can add “Official Finisher” to his long list of athletic feats which include over 25 Ultra Marathons, 10 Ironman Triathlons, and 50 standard Marathons. In 1995, Ray hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (2,150 miles) from Georgia to Maine in 97 days. In 2003, he established the World Record for the fastest recorded Thru-Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile hike from Mexico to Canada in 83 days. Additionally, Ray has climbed 6 of the 7 summits, the highest peak in each of the continents; with only Mt. Everest left. Ray is an avid scuba diver and is a certified Master Diver. It is with pride, respect, and a great deal of gratitude that he would like to introduce this year’s crew and the other members of Team Greenlaw.

Peter Solomon: Peter has been good friends with Ray for the past 46 years and is serving as Ray’s Crew Chief. He is the Head Coach of the Wesleyan University Men’s and Women’s Swimming Team. Peter lives in Cromwell, CT with his wife, Andrea, and 3 children (Shiloh, 17; Ellie, 12; & Luke, 10). In 2011, Ray and Peter pedaled 3,477 mile from Cape Cod, MA to San Diego, CA to celebrate their 50th birthdays. Little did Peter know at the time that this east-to-west cross country bike trip would fuel the crazy notion for Ray to want to race RAAM a few years later. Peter will join the team in Oceanside, CA on June 10th and crew for Ray all the way to Annapolis, MD. He was a part of Ray’s 2013 RAAM crew from Kim, CO to Annapolis.

Andy Phillips: Andy and Ray have been friends for about 15 years, and they work together now at the Naval Academy. Andy is the Academic Dean and Provost at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, where he lives on the “Yard”, as they say for those who actually live in military housing on the grounds of the Academy. Andy will join the team in Oceanside, CA, on June 10th and crew for Ray until he has to depart some place close to Denver, CO. He was a part of Ray’s 2013 RAAM crew from Kim, CO, to Annapolis, along with Peter Solomon. Andy is the guy behind the blog … most of the time!

Shigeki Makino: Shigeki goes by “Shagg” and has been a global nomad for the past year, living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for four months which is where he met Ray – in the gym, of course. After having retired from the investment management industry in early 2011, Shagg has been slowly traveling the world with his lifelong girlfriend Diana, spending half a year in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, a month in Miami, and heading to Barcelona for 3 months later this summer. He has also been a guest lecturer at Cornell’s Johnson School and serves on a couple of start-up boards. In addition to his passion for traveling, food, culture, and history, Shagg competes in Masters Track & Field where he runs the 100m, 200m, and the 400m. Shagg was on the Gold Medal winning Team USA 4 x 400m relay team at the recent World Outdoor Championships in Brazil and the Gold Medal winning Team USA 4 x 200m relay team at the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Finland. Recently, Ray came to Bangkok to cheer him on to victory in the Thai Masters Championships in the 400m. Shagg is excited to be crewing for Ray from Oceanside, CA to somewhere in Colorado.

Andrew Slack: Andrew has known Ray for only a few short months, but the impression Ray had on him immediately identified Ray as someone that is an excellent role model and mentor. Andrew is a military instructor at the United States Naval Academy’s Center for Cyber Security Studies where he will be assisting Ray in teaching a Cyber Fundamentals course this Fall. Andrew lives in Arnold, MD with his wife, Bridget, and two children (Fiona, 2; and Sebastian, 3 months). This is Andrew’s first experience with the Race Across America, and he is excited to be a part of Team Greenlaw. Andrew will join the team on June 20th and crew for Ray for his last leg to Annapolis, MD.

Zac Dannelly has known Ray since the Fall of last year when he was in his Cyber Fundamentals Class with Bill. Zac enjoys the outdoors and traveling, with the most exciting of these adventures being a road trip from Mexico City to Panama City two years ago. Zac is excited to be majoring in cyber operation and joining with Navy Cyber command when he graduates.

Bill Young, of Asheville, NC, is a second class (junior) Cyber Operations major at the US Naval Academy. Bill was fortunate enough to have Ray as his Cyber Fundamentals instructor just last fall. Since then, he has been working in coordination with Zac Dannelly on Ray’s “Game Over” model for cyber security. Bill is an enthusiastic swimmer and competed for a seat on the US Olympic Team at the 2012 Olympic Team Trials, swimming both the 100m and 200m breaststroke events. This is Bill’s first RAAM experience and he is looking forward to supporting Ray’s race efforts. He will join the crew on June 13th and depart for USNA on June 20th.

Al Peasley: is good friends with Brad Phillips and a professional photographer with a business in the Washington DC area.  Al has recently incorporated video into his business over the past two years .  He is an avid mountain biker and skier and enjoys traveling the world exploring new regions.

Brad Phillips crewed the entire race last summer from Oceanside to Annapolis for Ray.  Brad is a good friend of Ray’s and Head Bike Mechanic for Team Greenlaw.  He works at Annapolis Bike and Sport and has been instrumental over the years in taking care of Ray’s bikes and preparing for the technical aspects of RAAM.  His experience and voice of reason on the 2013 RAAM proved to be a huge benefit in helping Ray and the Crew successfully reach the finish line in one piece.  Brad will join the team this year from June 10th through June 13th from Oceanside, CA to somewhere near Denver, CO.

Wilson McAllister works with Brad Phillips at Annapolis Bike and Sport and will replace Brad on June 13th in Colorado and go all the way to Annapolis.

Erick Banke also works at Annapolis Bike and Sport with Brad and Wilson and will join the rest of the crew on June 20th to provide some fresh legs and new energy to the team the final few days of RAAM.

Adrian Plante: Dr. Plante is Ray’s mentor and friend of 37 years. The Aceman is a world-class bridge player, and a world traveler. While others were afraid to travel, Adrian blazed a trail into China and Russia, as soon as that was possible. He was literally one of the first Americans in these countries. Last year he ventured into Tibet at a time of great unrest there, and he was one of the few Americans who got into that country. Adrian has made numerous around-the-world trips. He has a PhD from Columbia University, and at the early age of 35 served as a Dean at Rhode Island College … incidentally, a feat that Ray matched being a Dean at the age of 35 … Adrian went the distance on the RAAM crew in 2013. It was an epic journey, and his service was amazing. Adrian is supporting Ray pre-race this year. Adrian sense of humor and attention to detail are legendary among his many students. And, many of Adrian’s students have accomplished great things. He truly is a master teacher, an inspiration, and a great friend to many.

Nonglak “Oum” Treethammukul will be crossing America with Team Greenlaw again. Last year she contributed tremendously to our efforts and everyone enjoyed her company. Oum formerly worked as a cook, and she is very helpful in preparing food for Ray and the crew. She brings dried beef to the race for the crew. Oum has a great positive attitude. She is a selfless person who gives 110% to the Team. Her smile, caring, and concern for all members of the rew makes the race much more fun for everyone. Oum enjoys spending time with her daughter Kik, son-in-law Brandon, and their long-eye-lashed dog Lucy, whenever she can get away and visit them.

Marjorie Roxburgh: Marjorie is the “invisible” crew member of Ray’s RAAM 2014 crew. Although she is not physically on the road during the RAAM, she handles the Maryland home base and will host Ray and some of his crew when they reach Annapolis, MD. Marjorie worked with Brad Phillips in preparing Ray’s car for the 2014 RAAM and in meeting Yongfeng and Zhengwei at the BWI Amtrak station so that they could drive Ray’s SUV from Maryland to California before the race. Marjorie met Ray in August 2010 at the U.S. Naval Academy when Ray came there as a Distinguished Professor of Information Technology. Marjorie had spent the last 25 years of her employment at the Academy as the Graduate Education Program Manager for midshipmen, giving 92 evening graduate education briefings. Marjorie retired from Federal employment in November 2010 and she now devotes her time to research and writing books and doing oil paintings. Marjorie has two houses, one in Crofton, Maryland, and one in the historic district of Cambridge on the Eastern Shore. Marjorie hosted Ray and three of his crew members in Crofton following Ray’s 2013 RAAM and she provided support to Ray during his Fall 2013 bicycle training on the ChesapeakeMan route through the Blackwater Marsh Wildlife Preserve in Dorchester County, MD.