Shagg will be joining us later today, and Andy tonight, but otherwise, the team is assembled and working hard on pre-race preparations.  We did pass the vehicle and bike inspections.  There was a toilet issue with the RV and a broken RV key, but those issues have been resolved.  We are organizing the SUV and RV, and Brad is giving Ray’s bikes a fine tuning.  The weather is a cool 72F in Oceanside, but over the hill (a 4000+ foot hill), it is 108F … Many racers are hovering around Oceanside, and there is quite a bit of excitement in the air.  Ray is trying to avoid that excitement, and he will rest today.  Ray will start tomorrow at 1:09pm PST.  Strasser starts about 20 minutes later.

The logistics have been complex and involved.  But, Pete is on top of things and well organized.  As the anticipated or unanticipated problems arise, we solve them.   We are laughing and sharing stories.

Yesterday, Ray rode the first 25 miles of the course.  He did get a flat tire ten miles into the ride … Better yesterday than tomorrow.  This flat prompted Ray to change both of his tires on the Roubauix, so he will be starting with brand new tires.  Let us hope that there are no mechanical problems on this initial unsupported section.

At 5pm today we have the racer meeting, at 7pm our team meeting, and at 8:30pm our team dinner.  Ray’s college roommate Dr. James “Jimbo” Wogulis will be joining us for dinner in Oceanside.  Jimbo is a computer guru who works for Google.  After our dinner we will all try to get a good nights sleep, yeah, probably not gonna happen … but, we will try.