For those who know the story of day one last year, you’ll be glad to know that the car battery did not die at the start, there was no stomach bug to fight, no heat cramps, no 25 mile stretch of unpaved road, and NO EXCUSES!!!!

This year is a new year. And Ray put his mark on the ride by pushing a 16 mph average for 22 hours NONSTOP from Oceanside, CA, to Solome, AZ. That’s 350 miles with no sleep, through the mountains and the desert.

If you are tracking the riders, remember that the positions move around a lot in the first few days based of when the riders stop to sleep. Since Ray just napped for 3 hours, we figure to be riding now for another MANY hours and climb back into 3rd position as the others have to stop and get their sleep soon.

Ray is looking very strong. It’s 3pm here now in the desert and 100 degrees. So what! Time to ride!