The Glass Elevator is a stretch of road in CA that is about a 10 mile descent like those you see on the Tour de France. Steep declines, hairpin turns, massive drop offs. Scary! And we were in the car!

One of the German riders wiped out on it. Nasty. But he’s one tough dude, since he’s still in the race and doing well. Just beat up.

Ray was flying down that descent. But the wind gusts were HUGE! And we saw his back wheels wobble several times as they blew him sideways.

And then came the desert. With MASSIVE tail winds, Ray was doing 40 mph for much of that, in a tuck riding the SHIV. The SHIV? Yep. His new time trial bike he wanted just for such an occasion. And man was he moving!

From there to here … near Congress AZ, it’s been nothing but flat desert and brutal heat.