One of Ray’s favorite words … EPIC … Always in all caps since that’s how he’d put it. The ride from Prescott to Cottonwood was EPIC for sure. In the middle of the night with a very long climb that took several hours followed by a cheek flapping descent that took only 30 minutes at speeds usually near 40 mph. Yes, one the descent in the dark!

The descent was full of hairpin turns and void of any lights, except those on the car and Ray’s bike. The full moon wasn’t even much help since it was blocked by the tall trees. But Shagg was the master at driving the car 10 ft behind Ray at 40 mph down that mountain. That’s the only way to see the road — using the car headlights.

Ray passed 2 other riders on the downhill, just like on the TDF — blasting past them in a tuck. Fun! Scary!!

We rolled into Cottonwood at about 4:30am, slept for about an hour, and that back on the road toward Flagstaff.