And so he did. Ride that is. Not stop. Starting at 2pm on Thursday after MANY hours of brutal miles and only a 2 hour nap, Ray decided that riding is faster than stopping. The previous 24 hours were tough mostly due to heat exhaustion, which meant no ability to eat and constant puking urges.

But at 2pm, the animal awoke. And he rode HARD for the next 180 miles without stopping. Those big tailwinds made a difference, but so did the mental toughness to do it, or die trying. So we plowed thru Flagstaff, Tuba City, Kayenta, Monument National Park (in the dark no less!), and Mexican Hat. we stopped at about 3:30am for 2 hours, and then hit it again until 4:45pm when we rolled into Durango!!! I say DURANGO!!! That nemesis of last year.

We know that some watching the leader board thought “oh no, he’s dropping fast!” But did you look lately? The only dropping was the jaws of the riders who saw him blow by them on the downhills, the uphills, and the no hills.

The only ones who could keep up were those in our follow vehicle!

Yes. Riding is faster than stopping.